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InDesign Server Update 7.0.2 available

We have now posted InDesign Server Update 7.0.2 on the partner portal, available for partners among wiht the InDesign, InCopy CS5 7.0.2 Release and Debug updates

Adobe NewsReader SDK Surevy

The objective of this survey is to solicit developer and partner feedback on the Adobe NewsReader SDK. With this SDK, we enable developers to begin creating their own customized Adobe NewsReaders and start to iterate on creating the backend feed and implementation of the service endpoints required to support the Adobe NewsReader frontend. We are particularly keen on hearing if you have joined our prerelease program, downloaded the SDK, interest from publishing customers, feature requests for the SDK and the tooling e.t.c.

Link to Survey (estimated time needed to complete, 2 minutes)

Many thanks in advance. We appreciate your participation.

InDesign CS5 ITK Symbols Update

The InDesign CS5 ITK Symbols 521 are now available on the partner portal for users with ITK access. To access, the partner must first have permissions for InDesign Toolkit via the admin. For questions regarding this access, email

While on the partner portal, go to the Support and Software Overview then Click InDesign Toolkit Software Downloads.

Adobe Drive Public Pre-Release on Labs

Adobe recently announced the availability of a public pre-release version of Adobe Drive 2 on Adobe Labs. This pre-release provides Creative Suite 5 users that ability to work with assets stored and managed by an existing Version Cue Server CS4 installation. In addition the pre release provides a ‘preview’ version of our integration with 3rd party asset management systems that support the Content Management Interoperability Specification (CMIS) interface defined by Oasis. This open standard is supported by a variety of content and asset management vendors (check with your vendor regarding CMIS compatibility).

To download: Http://

Adobe Drive 2 will be released in final form as a free download from This pre release is appropriate for investigation and pilot deployments and should not be used for products deployments.”

LIVE: Flash Player (Crush) and AIR 2.0.3 (Crusher)

The latest runtimes security release (codenamed Crush and Crusher) is now live on Adobe’s download center, licensing, and support pages. This brings the latest desktop runtimes versions to:
• Flash Player (and for legacy operating systems)
• AIR 2.0.3