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InDesign Rapid Release builds x637 available

Please note that new Rapid Release builds x637 for InDesign, InCopy, and InDesign Server CS4 6.0.7 (Multi-Lingual) are now available on our Rapid Release site at

SDK V12 for DPS posted

SDK V12 build 4 has been posted on the InDesign Bundler SDK prerelease.

DPS Partner update from the Adobe Singapore office

I will run a DPS solution partner update from the Adobe Singapore office Monday next week.
Technical update
• InDesign CS5.5 and DPS
• Overlay Creator update: New panels shipping in 5.5
• Folio Builder update: Create and upload folios
• Folio Producer: Integrates with Adobe InDesign CS5.5 software to organize and create production-ready digital Viewer Builder update: Test and build branded, signed applications for iPad, Android tablets
DPS Technical integration and extensibility
• APIs to integrate third-party subscription and print fulfillment databases (print/digital bundles)
• APIs to customize the store experience in the viewer
• SDK (Software development kit) update
• Support update

DPS Business update session
• Pricing model update.
• Pro Edition vs Enterprise Edition update: Enterprise Edition is designed for customer who require customization and extensibility of the platform
• Agency model update: Agencies will be able to create an unlimited number of applications for your clients under a single platform fee.
Analytics –Omniture integration
• Basic Analytics – SiteCatalyst reports: analyze and optimize editorial and advertising content using a set of included analyticreports. Omniture SiteCatalyst can also be integrated to collect analytics.
• Business value Analytics (Local Omniture recourse)

Partner Session – DPS Reseller agreement QA
• Partner contract status/ QA.
• Order management process.
• Service Orders update.
• Customer pipeline follow up.
• Partner support/Developer support.

Adobe Digital Publishing Suite enables subscription sales

Adobe Digital Publishing Suite enables Condé Nast to offer subscription sales (announced today) of The New Yorker magazine. Learn more about how Digital Publishing Suite supports subscriptions, enables a wide variety of purchase options, and provides additional insight with analytics data:

Announcing the release of Viewer Builder 1.2

There are now well over 250 apps, the majority of which were created by customers using Viewer Builder.

Viewer Builder 1.2 is now available with several key new features:
• Android app creation –
• Viewer 12/Drop 12 support –
• Push Notification settings not required –
• User interface enhancements –

The Professional Edition is now Commercial available!

The Professional Edition of Adobe Digital Publishing Suite is now Commercial available! Companies and brands can publish a new type of engaging publications on tablets, including Android, BlackBerry PlayBook and iOS devices.