Digital Publishing Suite Partner Training

Adobe® Digital Publishing Suite (DPS) is a complete solution that lets media and business publishers create, distribute, monetize, and optimize publications for tablet devices.
DPS provides many opportunities for DPS Resellers and partners to provide not only software and solution based on Adobe DPS technology but also consulting, contract development and integration services.
We will cover Direct Entitlement, Enterprise distribution and Customize storefront sessions, IDE’s and API’s. We also cover business process, order management, feature updates, Viewer Builder and the new offline workflow.
This will be a full day deep dive in code, POC, best practices and business process.
Who should attend: DPS Resellers, System Integrators, Developers and Adobe Solution Partners.
What you will learn: Focus will be around Fulfillment Server Integration API, Producer Upload API’s, product updates, Adobe Entitlement REST APIs and Customization of the storefront
Spaces are limited, so we encourage you to reserve your space early using the Web links below

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