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Adobe doesn’t provide developer training, consulting or onsite coaching. It’s just not Adobe’s business model today. Therefore we recommend following highly skilled companies.



movemen GmbH –  technology in motion

Adobe Solution PARTNER




Ctrl Publishing – empower your workflows
Adobe Solution PARTNER




Adobe Solution PARTNER




Rorohiko Ltd.

Adobe Solution PARTNER




Additinal company and contact information:




3800 Aurora Ave N.

Suite 280

Seattle, WA 98103

main : 206.774.0616

fax : 206.774.0618


Personal contact should be directed to me at:

Chris Parrish



RogueSheep specializes in custom publishing workflow and automation software with a particular focus on Adobe® InDesign® solutions. From desktop enhancements to full-scale automated workflows with InDesign Server, RogueSheep has the experience to deliver a top-tier solution customized to your specific needs. 


With developers originally from the InDesign and InCopy engineering teams and years of experience as an Adobe solution partner, RogueSheep’s unique combination of skills will ensure that your solution is the perfect fit.


Our areas of expertise include :


Adobe InDesign and InCopy custom development

Adobe InDesign Server solutions

Creative Suite application development, including Adobe Bridge

FLEX and AIR development

User interface design and creation

Multiple platform solutions including: Macintosh, Windows and iPhone 



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Adobe Solution PARTNER





Rorohiko Ltd.

Kris Coppieters (

PO Box 57143, Mana, Porirua 5247,

Wellington, New Zealand

Tel: +64 4 233 0586

Tel: +1 (408) 786-5864


You know that software developers unavoidably need to spend non- productive months learning how to automate complex programs like Adobe InDesign. We can shorten the ‘up-ramp’, and help software developers to hit the ground running, through training, code reviews and co- development. We can help if you are looking to get a better understanding of software development around programs like InDesign, InDesign Server, Acrobat, Photoshop,… For projects under time pressure, we can also provide resources to help respect deadlines.


We help design solutions that are as simple as possible, but no simpler. Ease of use, flexibility, feasibility, maintainablity, cost- benefit and pragmatism are core to our designs.


We can provide ample references of past and current projects we have helped with, both in the U.S.A. and in Europe – e-mail us on

  for a list of reference contacts.


Also of interest: we have people that are fluent in English, French, and Dutch, and get by in German, which comes in handy as we target the European market.


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Ctrl Publishing
Contact: Fred Bertenstam (
Phone +46 (0)70 595 95 01
Textilgatan 43,
120 30, Stockholm

Ctrl Publishing – empower your workflows

Ctrl is a leading specialist in InDesign integration development. We have been undertaking InDesign development services to improve our customers workflows since 1999. We offer our services on an international basis, on-site or remote. Resource consulting or tailored turn-key solutions. We have today 5 InDesign developers in our team.

Ctrl Professional Services

    * Process/Workflow Consulting
    * Adobe InDesign and InCopy Development (Plug-in, Scripting, XML)
    * Adobe InDesign Server (Plug-in, Scripting, XML)
    * Adobe Bridge- & Adobe VersionCue Development
    * Flex- & Air Development
    * Server Development (Java & SQL)
    * Developer Training and Coaching (InDesign)
    * Project Management
    * Testing

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Adobe Solution PARTNER



Additional information

movemen GmbH –  technology in motion
Ferdinand Schwörer, Managing Director (
Phone: +49 7371 934938-1
Waldhauser Str. 4,
88499 Altheim,  


movemen, essentially represented by Ferdinand Schwoerer and Emanuele Nava, is a strategic partner of Adobe. In this role we get early access to evolving technologies around the InDesign product family and the Creative Suite and, for example, assist Adobe during partner briefings with presentations.


Ferdinand founded movemen and started developing for InDesign early 1999 focusing on integrating InDesign with, for example, daily newspaper workflows. He performed coaching and training since the very beginning.


Emanuele, based in Italy, joined movemen in 2007, after 7 years spent in a big company providing software solutions for editorial newspaper workflow based on InDesign/InCopy/InDesign Server.


movemen is known for developing the InMath plug-ins for InDesign/InCopy/InDesign Server and offers as well various services for developers around the world: onsite coaching (i.e. training on the job, where we join the team for a limited time), onsite training (i.e. classroom training for a single customer) or public classroom trainings (i.e.  classroom trainings open to various customers, like the European InDesign SDK Training Tour performed during 2007/2008 in Milan, Stockholm, London, Munich, Hong Kong, where Movemen trained more than 70 developers).


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Adobe Solution PARTNER