Media Object: Layer Stack

Layer Stack

Stack objects in overlapping layers. Switch layers to display different objects at different times.



To: Do this:
Create a layer stack Choose Insert > Media Objects > Layer Stack.
Set the height and width of the layer stack Drag control points.
Edit layer stack contents Double-click the layer stack.
Insert an object in a layer Choose an object from the Insert menu.
Create a new layer Click the Plus icon at the top of the Layers panel.
Duplicate a layer Copy and paste the layer.
Add a transition between the states of the layer stack Select the layer in the Layers panel, and then choose Selection Editor > Transition.
Set which layer is visible when editing the layer stack Choose Selection Editor > Layers and then select the layer.
Create a slideshow that plays automatically Choose Selection Editor > Playback Style > Auto Play.
Leave the layer stack Double-click off the layer stack.
Preview the layer stack Click Preview.

Note: Each layer can contain multiple objects and represents a state of the layer stack.


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