Getting Started: Navigation Panel

Sheets panel Master Sheet


Sheet panel

Use the Sheets panel to create, manage, and reuse sheets in the document.



To: Do this:
View the Sheets panel Choose View > Show Sheets & Objects
Add a new sheet to the document Click the Plus sign at the top of the Sheets panel.
New sheets are inserted immediately after the selected sheet.
Enter a new name for the sheet Open the Selection Editor for the sheet and enter the name in the Name field.
Make a sheet available for reuse Click the Plus sign at the bottom of the Selection Editor.
The sheet’s name appear in the Insert > Sheet menu.
Reuse a sheet Choose the sheet from the Insert > Sheet menu.
Change the order of sheets Drag sheets in the Sheets panel.
Apply a transition between sheets Choose Selection Editor > Transition, and then select a transition.
View transitions between sheets Click Preview, and then click in the Preview window.


Master Sheet

Use master sheets for design elements that repeat on all sheets.

  • Objects in the default master sheet appear in the background of every sheet.
  • Master sheets can also be used as overlays for other sheets.



To: Do this:
View master sheets Choose Edit > Show Master.
Edit a master sheet Click the master sheet.
Add design elements to the master sheet Select the master sheet and then add elements on the stage.
Create a new master sheet Click the Plus sign at the top of the Master Sheets panel.
Name a master sheet Choose Selection Editor > Name, and then enter the name.
Make a master sheet an overlay Select a sheet. Choose Selection Editor > Master Front, and then choose a master sheet from the pop-up menu.
You must assign overlays to each sheet individually.

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