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Once upon a time, not so long ago...

It was April of 2001, I was happily seated in front of my laptop, reading the news and browsing the Adobe website looking at this press release, when I stumbled upon a document called "Network Publishing – Creating Value through Digital Content". What was that? Hmm... sounds interesting, let's read further. Little did I know that by downloading this PDF my life would have been changed for ever...

I always look back at this white paper and marvel at how it anticipated today’s world. Network publishing is now, more than ever, a reality. Over the years, through thoughtful development and acquisitions, Adobe shaped the technological environment which makes this a tangible reality.
The White Paper is still available on the Adobe.com website and you can find it here.
Here's an excerpt:


The Network Publishing Concept
Network publishing is an emerging set of processes and technologies that people will use to create, manage, and access digital content over the Internet.
In this future vision, publishers will be able to:
  • Create digital content once and publish it anytime, anywhere, on any device
  • Integrate multiple digital content workflows together for greater efficiency
  • Use simpler, integrated end-to-end technology solutions
  • Easily assemble and syndicate content from multiple sources
  • Enable real-time updating of information to keep it current, accurate, and reliable
Such efficiency and flexibility will result in lower costs, higher customer satisfaction, and new revenue streams for businesses.

Now, does that not sound familiar?

Yours truly.

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