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A little introduction is required... my name is Rufus Deuchler, and I am a Sr. Worldwide Evangelist for Adobe Creative Solutions (read Master Collection). I am part of a larger group lead by Greg Rewis, and the other members of the team are Tim Cole, Jason Levine, John Schuman, and Karl Soule’. We all have specific abilities and areas of focus; mine, for example, are in the field of print production; although this is changing fast, as content is increasingly repurposed for many different media. I am well versed in applications and systems that help designers to get their work on paper, on the web, and on mobile devices (and beyond?).

My activities, as an Evangelist, focus on spreading the word, explaining technologies and gathering feedback about them from around the globe; this is why you see me sitting on my suitcase in the header of this blog (thank you Joshua for the drawing). I frequently provide live support at events in the areas of product demonstrations and speaking engagements, so we'll have many occasions to meet and exchange ideas face to face. Check these pages frequently for a calendar of events where you’ll be able to find me.

This Travelogue is about places I visited, persons I met, and experiences I encountered during my travels and activities; however, as its name indicates it is a dialogue, a way for us to communicate and relate with each other. As time goes by I am also planning to post tips and tricks, and insight into the technologies and the solutions I support.

Yours truly.


Good Luck to you Rufus and to your new Blog ;) cheers, Daria

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