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Adobe Masters Tour: Hamburg

Hamburg is sadly our last stop in Germany. As in the other cities, the audience (approximately 250) was glued to their seats for the whole six hours of our cross-media / cross-applications demo. This time the venue was too small to accommodate everyone and seating was organized outside the movie theatre.
Adobe Masters Tour Hamburg
Thank you Hamburg!
Greg Rewis, Jason Levine, and myself will take an early flight to Vienna tomorrow for the last show of the tour.


you did a good job in hamburg! thx!

Hi rufus, thanks for the great show in Hamburg. Very good. Today I tried to rebuilt your beach tour logo. I failed. Are there additional information to the particular steps (especially shade and outline)?
Best regards Bodo

[Sure Bodo. Here's a cool movie Terry White put on his PodCast: http://tinyurl.com/2k8b4q ; tell me if that gives you some clues. Cheers, Rufus]

Hi Rufus, great stuff, thanks a lot. Bodo

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