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After the TOCA ME Design Conference

The theme of this year's TOCA ME Design Conference was "beyond surface". Who's the person behind the idea? What's the story behind the artwork?
The event had two parts, a conference, and an exhibition where selected works and projects from local and international artists were shown. And a lounge of course, with designer furniture, music drinks, and food.
The TOCA ME Lounge Area

The speakers were beyond awesome! The things that are made these days (either for the purpose of art itself or for commercial design) are truly amazing. It all started with dvein, a collaborative multidisciplinary design studio based in Barcelona, who showcased their motion graphics. Incredible stuff.
Then Erik Natzke took the stage. What this guy can do with Flash and Action Script still has me baffled. tocame_2.jpgAfter that, in succession, Mario Klingemann, Andy Cameron (from Fabrica), Andreas Müller, and James Paterson talked about their research, ideas, and work.
Adobe was one of the partners of the event and this is why yours truly had an opportunity to talk o this incredible audience of over 700 designers and artists. I chose to start with a blank page in InDesign CS3, and then import assets (images and movies I personally took) into Bridge. I would then use Photoshop CS3 to create horizontal and vertical panoramas using auto-align and auto-blend and get those onto the layout. I also created a background image that was elaborated through Illustrator's live trace and then re-colored with live color. I then used Photoshop CS3 Extended to edit and add text and animation to a short movie clip I took at the entrance of the exhibition hall.
With all these elements (including the movie clip) in place in InDesign I proceeded to create an interactive PDF. I was very pleased when one of the speakers came to me and said: "I did not know you could do all these things". My purpose here exactly.
The thought behind showing some of the more basic Adobe technologies at work was to reveal that you can also go "beyond surface" in our Creative Suite applications.
Thank you TOCA Me for a truly inspiring event, and for giving me the opportunity to showcase some of our solutions.

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