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CS3 A tutto ritmo - Day 2

Day two of the tour. Today we are in Arese, a city North of Milan.
What I forgot to mention yesterday, was that this entire tour has been organized in schools. This is actually a pretty cool idea because it has virtually no cost, and is a win/win situation. The school gets advertised for free to a broad range of professionals from the field. I mean, how many times, as a Designer, have I been asked "what school would you recommend for a good graphic design preparation?". Now I have a few more answers. And we get access to large auditoriums for our presentations.
Today, in Arese, the school has asked to do the presentation to their students in the morning (the same we will be doing to professionals and companies in the afternoon). Like I said, win/win.

After a light lunch we came back to the venue and found a line of people waiting almost one hour prior to starting time. Our demonstrations went really well and the crowd was very interested, and we had a full 45 minutes of Q&A.
The tour now proceeds to other cities, to which I cannot go because I have other scheduled events. I will however be speaking in Florence in two weeks.
Yours truly.

"Design Dream Team" in Arese (Milan)


Grazie mille per il seminario di ieri.
E' stato davvero all'altezza delle aspettative, siete delle persone molto in gamba.
In bocca al lupo per le date mancanti.

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