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Caffè Fibonacci now open on Adobe TV

Today is a very good day! Both the Adobe Media Player and Adobe TV have been launched.
In January, Tim Cole and yours truly went on a secret mission somewhere in Texas. We could not talk about it then, but now I can say that we have been recording our initial episodes there. We chose to call our show Caffè Fibonacci for several reasons: mainly it's a pretty cool and exotic name, and second you can actually use the Fibonacci numbers to build some amazing grids for your layouts. The kitchen backdrop is a tribute to Tim's love for cooking (hence the kitchen), and the Tuscan countryside was put in to not make me feel too far from home.
The description of our show is: "Welcome to Caffè Fibonacci, where Tim Cole and Rufus Deuchler share their favorite recipes and productivity enhancing tips and tricks for cooking creatively with Adobe Creative Suite". [Watch it here]

The idea behind this is to show how to best use the design tools that are included in the Adobe Creative Suite Design Premium. We talk about InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Bridge and how they all work together to allow you to produce great designs effectively.
I cannot wait to get you feedback on this one. We put a lot of effort into it, and we hope that you will both enjoy the show and find it instructive.
You can watch our show directly in you browser, or if you want to have access to the content from your desktop you can download the Adobe Media Player and subscribe to our show.



Hi guys, I just wanted to let you know that I think the show is really informational and you two have a natural "TV" personality. My wife is the pro designer but she turned me onto ID and AI and I assist her when she needs it but by watching your show, I can now show her some stuff!

Seeing the Da Vinci plane and helicopter in the background window is really cool and creative..

One question though, what will be your frequency of new shows? Every week? Two weeks?



[Thanks a million Mike! We are glad you like the first two episodes available on Adobe TV. We keep them coming, and I believe that the frequency of the show is monthly; so stay tuned. --R.]

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