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InDesign User Group Switzerland - Grüezi zämme

switzerland.jpgToday I attended the Swiss InDesign User Group Meeting in Nottwil, Switzerland.
The organizers had a very peculiar request; they wanted me to talk about "how InDesign is made". So, a couple of weeks ago, during a stay in the Seattle Adobe headquarters, I did my homework and interviewed Product Managers Chad Siegel (who also gave me a behind the scenes tour) and Michael Ninness. The history behind InDesign is actually quite thrilling!
The attendees all enjoyed my slide show (believe it or not). The session then evolved into a Q&A session on InDesign. I herewith make it a point again, Adobe does listen to users and we gather information from all over the world to provide the solutions users really need. Even the Feature Request/Bug Report Form actually gets read and analyzed with great cure.

After that I did a session on my favorite tips & tricks in InDesign, which spanned all the way from nested styles to my beloved "cornered frames".
Then, everyone came on stage and showed their favorite trick. And, since we were in Switzerland, we put it to the vote. And the winner was Roger, who won a software package of his choice. Not bad.
Merci zämme!


Hi Rufus
Your presentation was great! Thank you (grazie)
Haeme Ulrich

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