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Adobe kuler just got cooler!

A new version of kuler desktop is now available and it allows users to import kuler themes directly into three CS3 applications: Adobe Illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop (instead of having to save a Swatch Exchange to the desktop first).

Just as a reminder, kuler is a web-hosted application for exploring, creating and sharing color harmonies. And, as I always say in my seminars, it's great source for downloading color themes. But what is even more interesting is that you can upload your own! And maybe, one day, your color scheme will be top of the list. Go create!

This version is also a great example of the integration that is possible between Adobe AIR and the Adobe Creative Suite, using SwitchBoard. For the more nerdy among us, SwitchBoard, which is available on Adobe Labs, allows AIR applications to communicate with CS applications via an ActionScript API (application program interface). Using the API you can send ExtendScript commands directly to the Creative Suite applications that support the ExtendScript Library. Cool stuff! The possibilities for developers are infinite.


Hi Mr.Rufus!~ I am from Kuala Lumpur and I was so happy that I attended your session at the KL Tower. I am truly interested in your section especially...thanks for the info. But I was wondering if Kuler can be used in CS2? I forgot to ask during the session..hope u can help me clarify this..thanks!

[Dear Amelia, absolutely, the Adobe Swatch Exchange (.ase) was present in CS2. Have fun with Kuler! Rufus]

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