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Masters Tour in Taiwan and Hong Kong

This Asia trip that I am doing together with Greg and Jason is truly inspiring. Yesterday we did our Masters show in Taipei, flew to Hong Kong in the evening and performed again today.
It is truly amazing that hundreds, thousands, of people chose to take a day off work and come watch us for five hours as we go through a truly integrated workflow, using all of the applications in the Adobe Master Collection CS3. The live feedback we get from our audiences is what gives us the strength to move on. The attention, the heads nodding, the cheers and the laughter are our blessing. Thank you Taiwan and Hong Kong.


Next stops Singapore and Kuala Lumpur.


Hey Rufus~
You guys made today insanely amazining~
Cheers@Hong Kong

[Hi K.O.K. thanks, but like I said, it is the audience that makes all the difference. Thank you, Rufus]

Hi, I was at your show in HK yesterday, it was totally awesome~ I loved it when all three of you are on stage together, the energy you share are just amazing. Too bad we can't attend the breakout sessions for all three of you, I wouldn't want to miss a thing.
Hope you enjoyed your stay in HK, and come back again soon~!
P.S. Sorry, I like to use outer glow too ;)

[Hi Dorothy, thanks for your kind comment, Rufus]

Could you kindly send me a reference link on the trick to remove the postman in front of the bldg and the short cut to retouch the overlapping of photos please. Much appreciated.

[Hi SC, actulally my travel pal Greg Rewis blogged about that recently. Check out: http://blog.assortedgarbage.com/?p=62. As far a retouching the overlapping pictures, it is no more that using "Auto-align" and "Auto-blend layers" in Adobe Photoshop CS3. Take care, Rufus]

hey the Smart Designer~ :)
no we didn't take a day off, we actually traveled from Macao to see u guys~:)(and sponsored by our company of coz~:P)
what you show is amazing! unfortunately i m currently a web designer so couldn't join ur lecture in the afternoon,(bt of coz also fortunately i joined Grey's one~:P) bt it would be even cooler if there's some way we can check back your lecture! is that sth what u did also?:
great to hv meeting ur guys, come visit Macao someday! we hv the world largest casino...hahah..

[Hi Teresa. Just because you are a "web designer" does not mean that you could not have followed my session ;-) I sure hope to make it to Macau some day, Rufus]

Hello Rufus,
I was at your show in HK on 2/7,
i feel very interesting.
I think i was advancement.
Hope you will be come back again.

awww. bummer. the singapore show was all booked out when my friend & i tried to get a seat. would've been pretty educational. be sure to do another tour soon!

[Hi Yongsi, sorry to hear that. But don't worry, as the Governor of California used to say, "I'll be back!" ;-) Cheers, Rufus]

Hi Rufus,
During this morning's presentation here in Singapore, I truly liked your allusions to "Swiss Precision" - amazing, truly loved it (this from a Swiss to another).
Needless I was impressed by your great professionalism and fun demonstrating the products, great team-work too. CONGRATS. Peter

Hey Rufus,
I can appreciate good design, but am clueless when I am doing designing. (I am an Instructional Designer - the designs I do are probably those you can do in 1 min) I am impressed with kuler and the colour schemes - I think it's cool to generate schemes just like that. The way you used them was like... so effortless? I have been experimenting with Acrobat 8 and what you shared about InDesign is going to change some of our workflows. Thanks for all the effort and preparation made. Putting the technical problems aside, the way the team complemented each other really kept the crowd alive. Well done, and hope all you XiFus (Master in Chinese) will return soon.

see my blog on you guys at http://febeth.blogspot.com

Hey Rufus,

U guys did a brilliant show in Singapore yesterday. Your design session was as good as Swiss chocolates. Thanks for the little preview on CS4. Can't wait for it to arrive. Cheers!

Hey Rufus!
Fantastic show yesterday in Singapore! I nearly passed it due to work schedule, but glad I procrastinated! =)
Not sure if you remember, but I asked you about the Vanishing point feature. I went back and tried, but couldn't really quite achieve the 3D rotation of the building you demonstrated! =(
Anyhow, visit Singapore again soon! I'll stand you a beer and hopefully hear you evangelise more. Take care!

Hi Master Rufus..
where can i get all the tutorial that u shown at Kuala Lumpur yesterday?

[Hi Amri, you could start at adobe.tv. I have a show called Caffè Fibonacci. Search for it and you will see many of those tips and tricks. There you will also find Greg and Jason's shows. Enjoy, Rufus]

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