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Singapore and Kuala Lumpur, an ending at the top


The events in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur were the last two scheduled stops in the Asian leg of our Masters Tour. Both were very successful with hundreds of professional users cheering and laughing, and of course learning about the Adobe creative workflow. The sheer amount of blogs that talk about our presentations is incredible.
The event in Kuala Lumpur was hosted on the Observation Deck of the KL Tower. What a way to end this trip. Truly at the top.
Again, I thank all the people involved in making this tour a such a success, and all of our friends who chose to attend a 6 hour presentation, thus giving up a whole working day. Thank you all! And remember, being creative is all about having fun and experimenting!
After a three week trip, I am so ready to return home to my family. Tired, but incredibly motivated to go on.

Here another shot from the KL Tower observation deck; truly amazing perspective on the Petronas Twin Towers.



hey Rufus~ I am so glad I attended your talk the other day. It was such an inspiring thing because you are such a great designer. I am around that area as well and trying to improve myself day-by-day. Thanks for giving us the tips 'n' tricks of PS3 because truly appreciate it...thanks a lot!! Hope you guys will come down to KL again... take care!

Hey Rufus, I'm one of the guys in KL that came for the show. Everything you've shown us on that day was very informative, thanks for the good session. Hope you guys will come to KL again.

hey from singapore! managed to get a seat at the last minute and the presentation sure didn't dissapoint! you guys were very inspiring, and the talks certainly made me wanna jump straight into experimenting with all the new capabilities! thank you!

Thanks for the workshop!
Really enjoyed it.
Looking forward for next time.

hey rufus,it was a truly an inspiring talk! you guys are AWESOMEEEE !!! Please come again, probably more often :) Take care and rest well!

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