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Adobe Creative Suite 4 (CS4) to be announced September 23

Those of you who have checked the Adobe.com website today will have noted that the CS4 announce date has been set. Now, you could be asking yourselves, why is it necessary to announce the announce date... well, here's your answer: the event will be broadcast, and you need to register to view it. Cool! So make sure to be there and get the scoop on what's in store.
From the Adobe website: "Are you ready for something brilliant? Be one of the first to see Adobe® Creative Suite® 4 in a special web broadcast on 23rd of September, 2008".


I doubt I'll be able to fit my schedule to that of a broadcast. Any assurance that it'll be available later as a download or as an episode in the Adobe Creative Suite Podcast? And the suites have now grown quite large. It'd help if there were separate downloads for each product.

[Hi Mike, I have no specific information about that. However, I surely hope that it will be kept for future reference. Rufus]

Good news

I will fit it in my schedule

Can't wait to see CS4! I'll MAKE room.
[LOL, just a few days now... -Rufus]

I am in college and I cannot afford to miss a class for this, but is the video going to be on the web later?
Because I have been dying to hear about this.

Hi, do you know when this suite will be available?
Also, I'm an online student and now have TWO CS3's - the CS3 and the CS3.3 (which I just got both in 5 month time frame) ... So, what do I do about my old ones, once this new one comes out and I get it?
Thanks, Jeannine
[Hi Jeannine, only a couple more days and all the upgrade information will be publicly available. -Rufus]

This is getting ridiculous. announcements for announcements that require sign-ups and time-specific viewing? Are we regressing to the old-fashioned 1950's broadcast television paradigm?
It seems to me that customers who have paid anywhere from $600 to $2000+ for major software packages ought to just be getting this kind of info without the hoopla and silly fanfare. I want tools that work, upgrades that don't break my wallet (within months of the last upgrade) not parade and circus mentality.

[Hi Mark. Well, the "announcement of the announcement" was intended for our users who want to be the first to know about what is coming in Creative Suite 4. It's not like we are forcing anyone to join. Personally, I am very excited about CS4 and what it will mean to users and cannot wait until I can speak publicly about the new features. -Rufus]

Hello, well it sure seems like a lot of hype - but hey, we're in the creative business, so what is so wrong a little showmanship.
Maybe there's an interactive element? Maybe, just maybe... isn't it great to let our imaginations work rather than settling for default settings?
When I started my career 20 years ago a studio would have to pay £1000 (UK Sterling) just for a good draughtsman desk. I think we get great value from the software these days.
Besides, we do have the choice to upgrade only the software we need for our businesses. Lets grab the pop corn and wait for the curtain to go up.

[Thanks for the positive comments Steve. -Rufus]

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