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MadinSpain, but still sane

Today I had a one hour slot to talk at an annual international event on design named MadinSpain in Madrid. The conference gathered really interesting speakers that managed to inspire the 1000 or so designers who chose to spend their Friday out of the office.
The morning session included presentations by the Spanish artist and designer, Alberto Corazón, Albert Folch Studio (who presented without a computer, but chose to project their work filming it live on a table before them; now how cool is that?), and Lamosca (being an info graphics freak myself, I truly enjoyed what was shown).
After the lunch break, it was my turn to show off what we at Adobe do to make creative pros go wild! The crowd gave me really good vibes; thanks Madrid, and remember the very important and useful Paleta Apariencia.
Muchas Gracias Madrid!

Then came AKQA, which is an independent, international agency that facilitates its clients into the digital age, Zinkia, Matias from Farfar (Sweden), and Spin (UK).
This was a truly inspiring day! I am so sorry that I will not be able to remain for tomorrow's lineup which includes Helio Vega, Domestika (the organizers of the event), Carlos Ulloa, Jung von Matt, Waskman, Brand New School, and Joshua Davis.

Next stop Winterthur in Switzerland, for the Swiss Publishing Week!


H-Ola Rufus, you really burn down MADinSpain today showing up all that great features even those that were there before but we didn´t use. Come back next year, we don´t want anyone else but u :P Have fun!
[Hi Sara, I sure hope that I can come back next time! Thanks for the kind comment, Rufus]

Hi Rufus, i was in Madrid for the MadinSpain: you have been great! I was impressed by what you did with the Photomerge. I tried to do what you did but i cannot remember which command you used to align with just one click the electric cable of the building after the merging process. Pleaaase!
in any case, thank you to have be there.

[Hi Giampaolo, the command is called "Edit > Auto-Blend Layers..." -Rufus]

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