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Welcome to Adobe Creative Suite 4 - Adobe CS4

I am currently in Cologne at the Photokina where we did the CS4 announcement this morning. It was truly great: the whole Adobe booth was covered by a black curtain that fell at precisely 10:45AM. I had been walking around the structure prior to the "opening" and was kind of surprised about the few people around, and then decided to get in and wait there... When the curtain dropped, literally hundreds of our users rushed into the booth and occupied all the available seat (many had to stand in the back). What a scene! What a surprise! What anticipation!
And yes, CS4 is now officially announced; and we can finally talk freely about all the new features. What a relief. I spent 9 hours doing theatre demonstrations and presiding the Creative Suite CS4 Design Premium pod answering all the questions that came my way. Life at the trade show.
The new features are just so many, so overwhelmingly many, that I decided to not even make a list of them but simply link to to page on Adobe.com where you can see them all [here]. Enjoy, and keep tuned as I will write about my favorite ones in the months to come.
Yours, truly.


I'm sick of these constant program upgrades. An updated program years ago was quite a dramatic change. Now it's just a few little extra features after just managing to get the bugs out of the previous version with patches. I run a bureau so obviously have to keep forking out for every new software program. Not to mention my dismay of your buy up and shelving of freehand. No competition means no options means having to fork out a lot of money to one company. Kinda reminds of the stranglehold quark had before InDesign came along.

[Hi Sladey, I am sorry you feel like that. Having been a Quark and Freehand user myself (in the graphics business as a designer, and owner of an agency, since 1990), I can assure that I don't feel what you are feeling. I remember upgrades of Freehand that did not make any sense, not to mention the pricey ones of Brand X, which did not add anything of relevance. In my humble opinion, the same does not apply to new versions of Creative Suite. Each new upgrade came with a plethora of features that clearly made my life as a creative professional better, accelerating my production times, and allowing me to provide my Clients with new creative ideas. CS4 is one of those upgrades that answers the needs of creative pros, simplifies workflows, allows to create things unthinkable before. -Rufus]

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