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Adobe Acrobat.com, much more than just PDF


I have noticed that many of my readers, and people I meet during my travels around the globe, still are not aware of the full potential of Acrobat.com
Admittedly, the name could lead to think that it has to do with PDF alone, and since we all have Acrobat on our machines and because we can create PDFs out of most applications in Adobe Creative Suite 4 (CS4), why bother go check it out?
Well, here is why.

Acrobat.com is part of our Creative Pro Online Services (which also include Kuler and the Adobe Community Help) and is a set of services that you can use to create and share documents, communicate in real time, and simplify working with others, dramatically speeding up your production workflows. And, as with the other online services, all you need is your Adobe ID to log in. It’s free! Give it a shot.

Basically this is what you can do on Acrobat.com:

  • Share. Send files to others for easy access while you maintain control. By sending URLs instead of e-mailing large attachments, you and your team can access files from any computer in the office or on the road. More info.

  • My Files. Store your files online for easy access from anywhere. Acrobat.com provides an intuitive interface to help you easily organize all the files you share online, including Microsoft Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PDF files, and images. More info.

  • Create PDF. Convert up to five files to Adobe PDF online. Acrobat.com provides an online PDF converter so you can easily create PDF documents from your existing files in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and many other applications. It's as easy as selecting your file and clicking Create PDF. More info.

  • Adobe Buzzword®. Write and collaborate on documents anywhere, anytime. More info.

  • Share My Screen/Adobe ConnectNow. Meet live over the web and share your screen with anyone. Adobe ConnectNow is a great way to share ideas, discuss details, and complete work together — all online. Reduce travel costs, save time, and increase productivity with a web conferencing solution that is easy to access and simple to use. You can use any platform and any browser with no special downloads necessary to join the meeting — all you need is free and ubiquitous Adobe® Flash® Player. More info.

Share your screen from within any Creative Suite 4 component (including Acrobat 9). Say you are working on a layout in InDesign and want quick feedback from your client, all you have to do is choose File > Share My Screen. Guests can then see your desktop on their screens as you work. You can exchange ideas using the chat pod, add a live video and/or audio feed, or use the Whiteboard feature to enable guests to comment on content. You can even temporarily hand over total control of your screen to a guest to collaborate on a file and make changes live.
They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, well then, a moving picture is worth a thousand pictures.

In Acrobat 9, you can even initiate a shared review, and anyone with Acrobat 9 or Reader 9 (if the function has been enabled) can participate. You can host your review on Acrobat.com rather than setting up your own review server, open your review to people both inside and outside your firewall, and enable reviewers to submit their comments back to you through Acrobat.com.

Acrobat.com can truly change the way you work, speeding up many processes that would otherwise take much more time. Give it a try and let me know how it went; as far as I am concerned, I use these services all the time in my design work and whenever I need to share ideas with others. I often wonder how I managed before…

Here a couple of useful links:

  • The buttons you see at the top of this post are from the Acrobat.com Desktop Application, which you can choose to install when installing CS4. You can also download Acrobat.com for your desktop from here.

  • The Acrobat.com page on Adobe.com.

  • The Acrobat.com blog, which is full of useful information and cool tips and tricks.

  • The Acrobat.com Forum at Adobe.com.

  • Buzzword news on Twitter and on Facebook. And, since we are at it, you too can follow me on Twitter if you so wish!

  • At the time of writing, Acrobat.com is still in beta, so there may be some issues as you try to work with it. To remain informed about down times or issues make sure to visit and bookmark this page. It's an RSS feed, so you may even want to subscribe to it.

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