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CSInsider|Design coming soon to Adobe.tv!

CSInsider | Design coming soon to Adobe.tv!
In a few weeks, I will begin shooting a new Adobe.tv show, called CSInsider|Design. Why Design? You may be asking yourselves, well because I have been a designer for over 20 years and this is where my experience is. Second, as a Worldwide Evangelist for Adobe Systems, I specialize in our Design tools (aka CS4 Design Premium). Having said that, I would like to make this show your show, and answer your specific needs.
The publishing ecosystem has changed dramatically in the past years, and is due to change even more in the future. Adobe offers tools that enable you to publish to virtually any media, and we've been working hard on making your workflows easier to to set up and manage, making you work faster and more efficiently. With that I mean the integration between applications, and how files move from one activity to the other, and how you bring them to print, Web, and video. Take the InDesign to Flash export, for example, this new feature enables a completely new Designer / Developer collaboration; and, in turn, this involves a completely new way of thinking about, structuring and designing your documents, doesn't it?
The way I'd like to structure the show is to start from nothing to get something using the tools that are part of Creative Suite 4 Design Premium. Bear in mind that, for each episode, I have about 20 minutes to cover the subject. Feel free to communicate with me by commenting this blog entry, via Twitter, or look me up on Facebook.
I shall then carefully review your responses, no matter where they comes from, and see how your suggestions can fit into the format of my new show.
Thoughts? Let's begin the discussion...

[If you are into Video make sure to check Karl Soulé's blog, he's asking for similar input for his show Short & Suite which he co-hosts with Jason Levine.]


Any chance these shows could also be podcast like the Adobe Creative Suite Video Podcast is? iTunes is automatic. It's all too easy to forget to visit a web site regularly.

[Hi Mike, quite right! I'll look into that, but I see no reason why it should not also be published as a Video Podcast. Thanks, --Rufus]

I also support the idea that it should be turned into a Video Podcast. I regularly watch Terry White's Video Podcast, but rarely remember to launch another application I don't use for anything else (i.e., Adobe Media Player) or go to another website, and navigate through it. Good luck on your new show!

We are very interested in hearing what the news are in InDesign CS4 in respect to InDesign scripting. How to import an XML file into a set template etc.

My team and I just published our first edition of More2Girls Multimedia Magazine, which is designed using PS, AI and ID, and then exported to Flash where we then animate, add interactivity and multimedia content. As the final step, it is uploaded to our server and then gets delivered to our readers' desktop via our custom AIR application.
We learned a few things in the process, which was that we need to spend more time planning what parts will be interactive, from the first moment on so that we can eliminate unnecessary layers and objects prior to exporting to Flash. Flash takes every single object + its style + its effects (drop shadows and opacity separately) from the ID document and creates individual objects from each instance. Clever! But a little cumbersome when your end result is a downloadable SWF. =) So, as we fine-tune our process and as more teams begin to incorporate this wonderful ID>FL workflow Adobe has made possible, it would be helpful if we had a place to gather our tips and tricks. Does Adobe have something in this line going already, Rufus?

[Thanks for the great comment Hélène. Wow, you have gone cross-media in a great way. Very interesting idea to create a place where to collect tips and tricks about that specific workflow. Let me think about the best way to handle that. I'll be in touch. Cheers, -Rufus]

Thank you for responding to my prior comment, Rufus. (BTW, I'm following you on Twitter as Mama6kidz. Love the occasional comment you interject about your son!)
Here's something that's on my team's Adobe wish list for future Adobecadabra spells to cast: (for the InDesign>Flash workflow). It would save an enormous amount of time in the Flash phase if we could have a little snapshot of the pages pop-out menu from InDesign as sort of a story board to follow. Because of the "onion-skinning" in Flash, more visual map-like elements, like this particular InDesign menu, would be great!
Keep the tips and time-savers coming. Looking forward to your next episode on Adobe TV via Adobe Media Player.

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