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Evangelists are just 140 characters (or less) away, on Twitter!

Rufus Deuchler - TwitterOur colleague from the Platform Evangelism Team, Serge Jespers, has created quite a hype when he published a comprehensive list of Adobe employees who have a Twitter account (click here for the complete list). Thanks for spreading the word Serge!
I myself have a Twitter account, and you are free to follow me for news on Adobe Creative Suite 4 Design Premium, to engage with me, or just read random thoughts from my travels around the world.
What I love about Twitter, is that you have 140 characters (or less) to answer one simple question: What are you doing? But you will soon find out that users also post interesting information, links to cool stuff they find online, and so much more; all you need to do to make sense of the thousands of messages that are sent out, is to filter the stream for the things that interest you. At present I use TweetDeck on my desktop (it’s a cross-platform Adobe AIR application) to view tweets from my friends, read replies to my posts, and filter keywords such as “CS4” or “InDesign”, so that I can see what people are saying about the applications they are using, and sometimes even reach out to answer a question or solve someone’s problem. Another powerful feature of Twitter is that, when a post is important, users tend to repost it and the news virally flows through the stream.
When I am on the road I use Tweetie on my iPhone to stay in touch with followers, and write about “what I am doing”.
Here are the Twitter accounts of my four Creative Solutions Evangelism buddies:

*As Serge rightly points out: Please note that these are Twitter accounts. Just like everyone else on Twitter, the people posted here may Tweet about a variety of things and not just the product they are working on.

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