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Everyday Time Saver #1 with CS4 Design Premium

Edit Quicker and Faster in Illustrator CS4
Join me as I show how you can save a lot of time when applying and editing fills, strokes, affects and more with the new Appearance Panel in Illustrator CS4.

You can also find this on Adobe TV, or on my YouTube Channel.

Hi! This is Rufus Deuchler, Worldwide Design Evangelist at Adobe Systems. In the next few minutes I will be showing you how you can save yourself a lot of time by using Adobe Creative Suite 4.
In this clip, I will be showing you the new In Panel Appearance Editing in Adobe Illustrator CS4.
The Appearance Panel lets you create complex graphics simply by adding any number of fills and strokes, and even apply effects to a selected item on your Artboard. Basically it works just like layers, only that you are applying attributes to a graphic element.
What we did in Illustrator CS4 is to make it much easier and faster to use. For example those hyperlinks let you change attributes on the fly, change the opacity of fills and strokes right there, or you can now even apply any number of effects directly from within the panel itself.
Using the Appearance Panel has never been easier and faster than in this brand new version Adobe Illustrator.
This bullet hole on the posters is nothing more that a circle with some fills and effects applied to it.
All those characteristics can then be saved as a Graphic Style and be applied very quickly and easily to other element on you Artboard.
Working with the new Appearance Panel in Adobe Illustrator CS4 will speed up the way you build complex appearances and apply them to other graphics.
And, if time is money, as they say, this has never been more important than in a design workflow, where every minute of production has a fixed cost.
This is Rufus Deuchler, Worldwide Design Evangelist at Adobe Systems.
See you soon, and make good use of your time with Adobe Creative Suite 4!

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