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Everyday Time Saver #4 with CS4 Design Premium

Let me give you a quick tour of the new Links Panel in Adobe InDesign CS4, which saves you time by letting you find and manage your links faster and easier. I mean, everything that is vital to your workflow at your fingertips, what else can you ask for? In combination of the new Live Preflight feature (and here in the Everyday Time Saver #2) you really have access to all the information you need to sleep at night and be sure that your InDesign document won't generate problems down the production line.

You can also find this, and more, on Adobe TV, or on my YouTube Channel.

Hi! This is Rufus Deuchler, Worldwide Design Evangelist at Adobe Systems. In the next few minutes I will be showing you how you can save yourself a lot of time by using Adobe Creative Suite 4.
In this clip, I will be showing you the brand new Links Panel in Adobe InDesign CS4.
Creating documents in InDesign is all about linking to graphics and images in order to create captivating layouts. These linked files can be very many, and as their number grows it becomes more time consuming to manage those links. That is why we completely redesigned the Links Panel to enable you to see all the information you need, thus dramatically reducing the time necessary to find the information in multiple locations within the application itself.
The redesigned Links panel provides comprehensive and consolidated access to link attributes and metadata, including scale, original and effective resolution, layer assignment, copyright information, workflow status, and much more. The panel can be customized to display the metadata and attributes that are most critical to your workflow for every linked asset.
For a quick overview, here are three useful new features in the Links panel.
1. If you have multiple links to the same file those are now grouped together
2. You now also get thumbnail previews that automatically appear in front of each link, making it much easier to identify linked assets
3. Also, the pages on which the links appear are hyperlinked, so you can quickly jump to the page containing the placed file.
The information you see in the Links Panel is completely customizable to let you view only the information that is critical to your workflow, for example the scaling percentage of images, actual and effective PPI of raster images, and much, much more…
Working with the new Links Panel in Adobe InDesign CS4 will tremendously speed up your workflow, and help you manage your linked assets in ways way that were impossible in earlier versions of InDesign.
And, if time is money, as they say, this has never been more important than in a design workflow, where every minute of production has a fixed cost.
This is Rufus Deuchler, Worldwide Design Evangelist at Adobe Systems.
See you soon, and make good use of your time with Adobe Creative Suite 4!

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