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Everyday Time Saver #5 with CS4 Design Premium

From withing the applications that are part of Adobe Creative Suite 4 Design Premium, you can now share what you are doing on your screen with your Clients, co-workers, or friends! This nifty feature allows you to get immediate feedback while you are working on a project. The free service allows you to share what you are doing in real time with up to three people at one time, and even to give momentary control of your screen to your viewers! In InDesign, for example, all you need to do is choose File > Share My Screen, a few clicks and your Adobe ID (free), you are ready to go. Make sure to give it a whirl, and let me know what you think.

You can also find this, and more, on Adobe TV, or on my YouTube Channel.

Hi! This is Rufus Deuchler, Worldwide Design Evangelist at Adobe Systems. In the next few minutes I will be showing you how you can save yourself a lot of time by using Adobe Creative Suite 4.
In this clip, I will be showing you can streamline working with your colleagues and Clients with a feature called Share my Screen, available in all of the applications that come with Adobe Creative Suite 4.
In the past, when you wanted to show your Client work in progress you’d have had to send him a PDF or an image in order to gather feedback. This was usually a very time consuming process because it meant waiting for an answer, which in many cases was not even always very clear… so you’d have to get back to the Client and gather more information.
Share my Screen is part of a set of services that come with Acrobat.com, other services include a word processor called Buzzword, or a place where you can share large files called Share, thus avoiding sending large attachments in your emails. These services are free, and all you need is an Adobe ID.
In InDesign for example, but this also works from within the other applications in Creative Suite 4 Design Premium, you can activate Share my Screen, this will launch a ConnectNow Session that will enable you to share your screen with up to three people who know this specific URL [showing on monitor].
With Share my Screen you can exchange ideas using the chat pod, add a live video or audio feed, or use the white board feature to enable your coworkers or clients to discuss content. And, this is almost magical, you can momentarily hand over control of the screen to a guest to collaborate on a file. Imagine someone from the other side of the world using your InDesign CS4!
By using Share my Screen with your Creative Suite 4 applications you will be able tostreamline the review process making it real time. It’s like having your Client beside you, but without the breathing behind your neck!
And, if time is money, as they say, this has never been more important than in a design workflow, where every minute of production has a fixed cost.
This is Rufus Deuchler, Worldwide Design Evangelist at Adobe Systems.
See you soon, and make good use of your time with Adobe Creative Suite 4!

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