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Muito obrigado São Paulo e Rio de Janeiro!

Panoramic view of Rio de Janeiro

My four days in Brazil were incredible, to say the least; and I want to thank everyone whom I have met and had the privilege to talk to. Starting with the events at the Photoshop Conference 2009 in São Paulo, the interviews for Desktop, and PhotoshopPro magazines, the presentation at Editoria Abril, and the fantastic InDesign User Group meeting (and that's just the first day!). Then there were the schools: ESPM in São Paulo, and Estácio de Sá in Rio, but the show was broadcast to all other campuses around Brazil. Then there were agencies, such as Young, and publishers such as Projac-TV Globo. Forgive me if I have forgotten anyone. But in short: thank you! Muito obrigado! The energy and interest I felt for our Creative Suite 4 Applications was intense.


Thanks man.
You were really incredible, I hope one day reach a level so impossible but means I admire very much.
[Thanks for the kind comment Rodrigo! I hope to be back in Brazil very soon... -Rufus]

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