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One week at CeBIT

Rufus Deuchler showing Adobe Creative Suite 4 to the audience at CeBIT 2009

This week, both Jason Levine and yours truly are at CeBIT in Hannover (Germany) doing Creative Suite 4 Product Demonstrations. So what is CeBIT, you might be asking yourself? Basically, CeBIT is a trade show where over 4'000 exhibitors from just under 70 countries present their digital solutions, trends and innovations.

The Intel Core i7 processor Extreme EditionJason and myself are on duty at the Intel Pavilion, a space entirely dedicated to their microprocessors. Intel's products are designed to deliver a great computing experience for all sorts of workflows and situations. Particularly, Intel just introduced the Intel Core i7 processor Extreme Edition, which was installed on our demonstration machines (with Windows Vista 64Bit). 3.20 GHz core speed with 8 processing threads, the size of my thumbnail, made the Creative Suite applications fly. Truly. Jason and I have experienced a great difference in speed. Actually flabbergasting.

The fact that we were on the Intel booth during the time Apple announced the new Mac Pro with next-generation Intel architecture, including four cores on one die and an integrated memory controller, was kind of exciting. In a slightly nerdy way. We are definitely on the brink of a new era of user experience when it comes to the creative business. Whilst Adobe Creative Suite 4 is your shortcut to savings, in terms of time (and time being money...), these new technologies leverage everything we've been working on to make our software faster. So we are very glad that we were able to be in the Intel Pavilion, as new standards were being defined. Stay tuned.

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