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Спасибо Москве!

Спасибо Москве! Я глубоко смирился по количеству людей, которые пришли, чтобы Adobe Creative Suite 4. Спасибо.

The Creative Future event in Moscow is now over. Well, I have to say that the whole day was overwhelming. It was incredible to see so many of our Russian friends so excited about the Creative Suite, so full of curiosity, and interesting questions or feedback. I can truly say that my colleagues Paul Burnett, Karl Soulé, and myself are deeply humbled by the welcome we experienced. So again, thanks to all of our friends in Moscow for attending this show.

The main hall of the Creative Future event in Moscow. 15 hours prior to kick-off.

The day prior to the event (with a timer on the big screen) we stayed on location prepping for the event and making sure that everything will run smoothly.

An almost full house during the plenary session at the Creative Future event in Moscow

During the plenary session, after an incredibly entertaining theatrical performance from the local Adobe team, we each had about 20 minutes to do a quick overview of Adobe Creative Suite 4 Master Collection. Paul did Web, Karl video, and I did Design of course.
Then we split into separate rooms to do our breakout sessions. I did two: one on Photoshop Lightroom 2 and integration with Photoshop CS4, and then an in depth dive into the new features of Adobe Creative Suite 4 Design Premium. Both the sessions were packed, but I have to say that the Lightroom presentation beat them all (over 300 people in a room that could seat only 250).

And now onto San Francisco to work on some new AdobeTV episodes. Stay tuned for the CSInsider|Design show!


Big thanks to you: your presentation at Creative Future 2009 in Moscow was excellent, PS and Lr -- both. I learned a lot of new things, thank you!
Best regards and hope to see you in Creative Future 2010 (?) ;-)
/Sergey Kolier

[Thank you Sergey, I am glad that you found the information useful. -Rufus]

Thank you for this wonderful show! It was really great!

[Thank you for joining us at Creative Future Rita. -Rufus]

Thanks for your performance on Creative Future 2009 in Moscow. At last I have learnt that for what is necessary «Page transitions in SWF and PDF files» in InDesign. And I'm happy!!! =))) Thanks once again.

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