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Three interesting Adobe InDesign links

Thought it would be useful to post these three links which I have just been reading.

1. Scripting InDesign CS4 Preflight.
Yup that's right, you can script almost anything in Adobe InDesign, and that includes the new Live Preflight feature. So if you think that the 200% productivity gain is still not enough, get your scritong gloves on, and automate it even more. This post demonstrates how to interact with the preflight system using JavaScript. [Via Heath Lynn, InDesign SDK Blog].

2. New Quark to Adobe InDesign CS4 Conversion Guide.
Although we are now at the 6th version of InDesign (InDesign CS4) I still hear of a lot of users needing help understanding InDesign as they migrate from QuarkXPress, and enter a new world of integration with Photoshop, Illustrator, and Flash. InDesign has become a real cross-media power horse, and we created a guide that will help new users make the move that will change their lives and workflows. Welcome to the Creative Suite! [Download, PDF 6.6MB]. And here's the web page on Adobe.com dedicated to making your switch easier, with top reasons to switch to InDesign, in depth information, resources, and links.

3. Woodwing Smart Styles now available for InDesign CS4.
Why use a plug-in if InDesign's styling features are so powerful right out of the box, you may be asking yourself. Well it's not like we can do everything, so we rely on partners such as Woodwing to rise the bar even higher. Smart Styles enables you, among many other things, to make complex formatting even easier, insert formulas into tables and sort rows, reduce boring or repetitive tasks. Check it out here (you can download a fully functional 30-day trial version of Smart Styles).

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