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Adobe Illustrator CS4 Sample Art - Wow!

Many of us, and that includes me (mea maxima culpa...), never really look into the Application folders of our Creative Suite Applications... That is unfortunate because there are some really beautiful illustrations there. Check out what's in Adobe Illustrator CS4 > Cool Extras; you'll find a wealth of Sample Art, Charting and Graph Designs, and a bunch of Templates for your inspiration needs

Adobe Illustrator CS4 Sample Art

Click on the following links to view larger images:

  1. In the Cradle of the Deep by Jory Dayne [FollowTwitter].
  2. Living on a Heart Grunge by Dhanank Pambayun
  3. Local Fare by Nick Zegel [Follow on Twitter].
  4. Loyal Order of Wormwood by Von Glitschka (Glitschka Studios) [Follow on Twitter].
  5. Magic Paintbrush by William Chua Tiong Keng.
  6. Shell City by Matt Huynh.

Furthermore, for each of these illustrations, there is a PDF in which these top designers explain how they created the artwork (in the "How Did They Do That!" folder). Enjoy!



Thanks for pointing out the resources that ship with CS products. These files, along with the How-To Guides and profiles of the designers, are also available to anyone, CS4 owners or not, via several locations on Adobe.com. Great for those who simply want to understand how other designers work, or who need files to complement their free Illustrator CS4 30-day free trial. Here's one location:

Thanks for highlighting this Rufus - and thanks to Brenda Sutherland and Terry Hemphill for spending a lot of time working with artists who could present some of the great new features in CS4 through a variety of styles. In addition to this sample artwork, there are also a ton of new and really useful Symbols and Graphic Styles in Illustrator, so make sure to try them out.

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