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CSInsider | Design - Now premiering on Adobe TV

A few weeks ago I was in San Francisco to record 12 episodes of CSInsider for Adobe TV. This is the first episode of the series in which I go over Multiple Artboards and the use of Symbols in Adobe Illustrator CS4.

Let me know what you think. Don't hold back your comments!


Ciao Rufus,
non sarebbe comodo (e bello) avere un podcast video (magari in italiano) con un pò di consigli e howto dei vostri prodotti scaricabili direttamente (anche in abbonamento) da iTunes? Ciao e ancora complimenti!
[Buona idea per i podcast, adesso mi informo. Grazie. - Rufus]

Intro looks very cool and the video is clear and informative. Well done.
[Thank you Jennifer. - Rufus]

Hi Rufus...
Nice presentation!

Their is only one of your suggestion that I will never suggest user to do. When you suggest to start at a low resolution raster effect of 72dpi than at the end change it to 300dpi. CS4 Photoshop Effect like Gaussian Blur, etc are still resolution dependent so that means they look different base on that setting. So suggesting to start at 72 dpi, if user use such effects, the look of their document will change drastically. So better start with the final resolution.

[Thank you for the clarification Jean-Claude! You are absolutely correct. Somehow I did not think about the Photoshop Effects, limiting my thoughts to the Illustrator Effects. Bad me! Anyhow, yes, if you use Photoshop Effects on your Illustrator file, make sure to design in the intended resolution.]

Sure if users don’t apply any of theses Photoshop Effect, they can switch from 72dpi to 300dpi without any change in appearance since all Illustrator effect (even drop shadow) are resolution independent.

[Again, thanks for that very important clarification. -Rufus]

Cool video. Nice work.
[Grazie Simone! -Rufus]

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