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CSInsider | Design - The Appearance Panel in Adobe Illustrator

In this the second episode of CSInsider|Design, I cover the new Appearance Panel in Adobe Illustrator CS4, and how it can dramatically increase the speed and efficiency of your workflow. As I always say, the thing that bugs me most, is that the Appearance panel, along with Effects, Graphic Styles, and a many other features first appeared in Illustrator version 9, nine! That was back in 2000... Nine years ago. 'Nuff said! It's time to start using it, would you not say?

Also be sure to check out Terry Hemphill's entry on "Keeping up Appearances" on the Inside Adobe Illustrator Blog, and this article [Why the Appearance Panel Rocks] by Patrick Devine, over at Creative Pro.



Well until CS4 the appearance panel wasn't very useful to me - double-clicking on a color took me to the color swatches where inevitably I would try to select a new fill color and for whatever reason, things got muddled and I ended up not actually changing the fill color (this was especially difficult with gradients). And then I discovered that my object had become unselected so all my changes were not actually being applied to the object and so on. But then CS4 came along and it became that much easier to use and voila - the appearance panel became useful to me.

[I hear you Ben. I have been using the Appearance Panel for some versions now, but you are right to say that it has just only now become a tool that is very easy to use. Thanks, -Rufus]

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