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CSInsider | Design - Working with Gradients in Adobe Illustrator CS4

In this fourth episode of CSInsider|Design, I cover the new Gradient Tool and Gradient Panel in Adobe Illustrator CS4. I just love how you can specify gradient stops, choose colors, and apply transparency to gradients with the Gradient Widget, right there, on top of the artwork itself.



Ciao, Rufus! Great video as always. Working with gradients in Illustrator is really much easier now. Actually, I think it's the best feature in CS4 (it beats even the Blob Brush and the multiple pages, IMHO). I just can't wait for what's next.

Nice features!

I have a question about where I can send suggenstions directly to Adobe for improvement of Indesign for the next version. I need to send a graphic to illustrate what I mean. Is there a form or e-mail on adobe for that? I couldn't find it.

Rufus -

Love your tutorials! I am a high school teacher and would like to use them in training. Are the files you are working with in the various videos available somewhere? Such as Greg's Bar & Grill?

Thank you,
Debbie Keller

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