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Welcome to Acrobat.com Presentations

A while back, I wrote "Adobe Acrobat.com, much more than just PDF"; Acrobat.com is part of our Creative Pro Online Services (which also include Kuler and the Adobe Community Help) and is a set of services that you can use to create and share documents, communicate in real time, and simplify working with others, dramatically speeding up your production workflows.
Today we introduced Adobe.com Presentations, providing yet another cool online tool to our users.


Built on the Adobe Flash Platform, Acrobat.com Presentations is a presentation application that provides a way for users to create, edit and share presentations together online. Currently it is in preview release and available on Adobe Labs as public beta. By making Presentations available on Labs, we are able to give people access to the product at a point where it is far enough along to be useful, but early enough in development where we can incorporate user feedback.

Read on for a Q&A.

What capabilities are available in Acrobat.com Presentations?
With Acrobat.com Presentations, people can:

  • Easily create professional presentations online using built-in tools and layouts.
  • Simplify working with others on presentations. Create, revise, and edit the same presentation at the same time - all online. No need to e-mail attachments back and forth, combine comments, or track down who has the latest version.
  • Meet deadlines with ease. With simultaneous editing, no one is locked out of the presentation while others make changes.
  • Access presentations from anywhere. Presentations are always available online for completing last minute tweaks, presenting it from any location with an Internet connection, or delivering it offline by exporting to Adobe PDF.

What are some of the upcoming features of Acrobat.com Presentations, and when will they arrive?

The Acrobat.com Presentations team is actively working on new features, and expects to release updates frequently. Areas of focus in the near-term include import/export to other presentation file formats, track changes, and collaboration features currently found in Buzzword such as commenting.

How does Acrobat.com Presentations differ from other presentation packages available today?
Much like Buzzword, Acrobat.com Presentations is built from the ground up for document collaboration, providing a beautiful, effective and distinctive user experience by leveraging Adobe platform technologies like PDF and Flash.

Enjoy, and let us know what you think.

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