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3D in Flash CS4 Professional, a breeze!

I have just come across a new extension for Flash CS4 that allows to import of 3D files to be animated (3DS or FL3D). It literally took minutes to understand, and before I knew it, I was able to animate a 3D object and create a SWF. Remember that I am a designer, and don't know the last thing about code. Simply by using the new Motion Tween feature, or the provided behaviors you can interact directly with the object itself.
Another awesome point is that the guys at Revolver have created an AIR application that allows to convert and import a 3DS file (3D Studio Max) directly into the Library Panel in Flash. Oh joy!

This extension, called FreeSpin3D for Adobe Flash CS4, is a leap forward for interactive designers, eliminating lengthy development processes by enabling the display and management of 3D objects within the Adobe Flash workspace as Flash Movie Clip objects. The result is a superior workflow, minimal learning curve, low file sizes and extremely fast creation of interactive 3D elements. FreeSpin3D is an Adobe Flash Extension that is installed in seconds using the Adobe Flash Extension Manager.

Features of FreeSpin3D for Adobe Flash CS4 include:

  • Native 3D geometric shape modeling and texturing from the Control Panel.
  • Predefined and customizable interactive 3D behavior/physics libraries.
  • Improved usability and updated user interface.
  • Simplified 3D animation using Adobe Flash CS4's Motion Tween functionality.
  • New 3D optimization presets in the model conversion engine.
  • Direct 3D model import through the FreeSpin3D control panel.
  • Vastly improved performance with a higher polygon count.

Revolver offers a 15-day free trial of the CS3 and CS4 versions of FreeSpin3D at www.freespin3d.com. Make sure to give it a try!


Thanks for the intro to this
- I was looking for such an app for quite a while - I cant deal with the open source ones (wish I could :-( )

Thumbs up

Hi Doug, sorry for not posting your comment earlier... It somehow made it down Spam Lane for whatever reason. Let me know if you have tried it, and how it works for you.

Hello Rufus,

I look long time how to 3D in Flash - Extra good for showing this. I use it and very breezy :-)

I realy like and say is good the 3D geometry shape "maker" - it makes me shapes in 3D!! like you say - Oh Joy!

Good blog

See you at the MAX

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