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CSInsider | Design - Adobe Bridge CS4

In this tenth episode of CSInsider|Design, I will show you how to use Bridge as a content management system to help organize and deploy your files.

I always call Adobe Bridge "the control center for all of my assets"; and this is truly it. There I can preview all sorts of files, add metadata, watch movie clips, control image quality and create order out of chaos. Another thing I love about Bridge, is that you can create collections of files in a tidy folder, no matter where the files are on your hard drive. But, there is more, and I just realized I did not talk about it in this episode of CSInsider...

Not only can you create Collections with files you choose to keep in Review Mode (Cmd + B), or files which you drag into a Collection folder, you can also create a search and gather the resulting files into a Collection.


By clicking the "New Smart Collection" button in the Collections Panel, you get this:


This window allows you to search for specific keywords or metadata, automatically gather all matches, and create a collection... Well, if you ask me, that's pretty cool!

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