September 19, 2008

"Thank you Adobe!"

It took me some time, but then I decided to make a special post on the subject at hand. During the recent Swiss Publishing Week, I did a few presentations on Adobe InDesign and Adobe Photoshop that ended with a Q&A session with the audience. This was a great opportunity for me to gather feedback and feature requests directly from our users. As a matter of fact, one of my presentations was about how and where InDesign gets produced; from customer feedback to product management, from the writing of specifications to coding. Nothing detailed, clearly, but enough for our users to understand that each new release is an elaborate sequence of events, and the hard work of many people.
Now here is what I wasn't expecting, in times where it's so much easier to only complain: users coming up to me, and telling me "Thank you Adobe" for making their life as creative professionals easier, for creating the tools they need, for making each version better than the previous one... And, believe it or not, this happens all over the world.

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July 11, 2008

Singapore and Kuala Lumpur, an ending at the top


The events in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur were the last two scheduled stops in the Asian leg of our Masters Tour. Both were very successful with hundreds of professional users cheering and laughing, and of course learning about the Adobe creative workflow. The sheer amount of blogs that talk about our presentations is incredible.
The event in Kuala Lumpur was hosted on the Observation Deck of the KL Tower. What a way to end this trip. Truly at the top.
Again, I thank all the people involved in making this tour a such a success, and all of our friends who chose to attend a 6 hour presentation, thus giving up a whole working day. Thank you all! And remember, being creative is all about having fun and experimenting!
After a three week trip, I am so ready to return home to my family. Tired, but incredibly motivated to go on.

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February 29, 2008

Adobe unplugged: Greg Rewis, Jason Levine and Rufus Deuchler, Video-Interview

While Greg, Jason, and yours truly were in Frankfurt for the Adobe Masters Tour, we were interviewed by Create or Die, an online and offline new media magazine.
Here's the link to the video interview.

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February 25, 2008


This week-end, I spent the Sunday at home to celebrate my son's 5th birthday. A party I sure could not miss. One of his presents was a Lego® airport (it even has a security check).
After spending much time building it, the kids started playing with it.
After a while, I sneak into their room and I overhear Rebecca (7) and Tommaso (5) while they were moving little figures around the structure (translated from italian):
"Hello Tim [Tim Cole], where are we going today?"
"Uh I don't remember, but in any case we have to go through security first"
"Very well Tim, then we go to the lounge"
"Oh wait they just called our flight"
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Ah, the kids of an Evangelist...

December 2, 2007


A little introduction is required... my name is Rufus Deuchler, and I am a Sr. Worldwide Evangelist for Adobe Creative Solutions (read Master Collection). I am part of a larger group lead by Greg Rewis, and the other members of the team are Tim Cole, Jason Levine, John Schuman, and Karl Soule’. We all have specific abilities and areas of focus; mine, for example, are in the field of print production; although this is changing fast, as content is increasingly repurposed for many different media. I am well versed in applications and systems that help designers to get their work on paper, on the web, and on mobile devices (and beyond?).

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