October 8, 2008

InDesign User Group Chapter Meeting - Reggio Emilia

Although this is rather short notice, I feel it's important to announce the upcoming InDesign User Group Chapter meeting in Reggio Emilia, which will be held on Saturday October the 11th.
This meeting will be all about InDesign CS4. It is not too late to register for this event.
Of course, just like we did in May, we will then proceed to eat "gnocco fritto" and "tigelle".

May 26, 2008

Reggio Emilia InDesign User Group Chapter Meeting

On Saturday, May 24, Leonardo Agosti held the first Reggio Emilia InDesign User Group Chapter Meeting, and it was a great success. Over thirty of our friends (the vast majority from, my first attempt at creating a community around InDesign in Italy), and some unregistered participants showed up. It was great being able to put a face on names that I had read about in my InDesign forum for years. I got to show my presentation on the "making of InDesign" and do the technology preview of the feature that would allow InDesign CS-next users to export in a format (.xfl) which would in turn enable authoring in Flash Professional CS-next. Cool stuff!
Present were also Mauro Boscarol (italian color management guru), and Matteo Oriani, an Application Engineer at Adobe Italy. Discussions were interesting and vivacious.
One of the attendees told me that "it is such a relief to see that there are other martians out there that can spend a day talking about this kind of stuff". Exactly! This is what the InDesign User Groups, or user groups in general for that matter, are for: learn new stuff, share ideas, and meet "martians" just like you.
We then all went to eat "gnocco fritto", "tigelle", stuffed with salami, cheese, ham, and things I better not remember. Literally saw cholesterol levels go through the roof. But man, is that stuff good.
Cannot wait for the next Reggio Emilia InDesign User Group Chapter meeting.

May 8, 2008

InDesign User Group Switzerland - Grüezi zämme

switzerland.jpgToday I attended the Swiss InDesign User Group Meeting in Nottwil, Switzerland.
The organizers had a very peculiar request; they wanted me to talk about "how InDesign is made". So, a couple of weeks ago, during a stay in the Seattle Adobe headquarters, I did my homework and interviewed Product Managers Chad Siegel (who also gave me a behind the scenes tour) and Michael Ninness. The history behind InDesign is actually quite thrilling!
The attendees all enjoyed my slide show (believe it or not). The session then evolved into a Q&A session on InDesign. I herewith make it a point again, Adobe does listen to users and we gather information from all over the world to provide the solutions users really need. Even the Feature Request/Bug Report Form actually gets read and analyzed with great cure.

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April 21, 2008

Upcoming InDesign User Group meetings in Germany and Switzerland

May 8 will see two InDesign User Group meetings; one in Munich, and one in Nottwil (Switzerland). This will be, yet again, a very good opportunity to learn, share, and mingle. Both these events are in German, and yours truly will be participating at the Swiss meeting.
Thank you Wolf and Haeme for organizing these events.

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February 18, 2008

1st InDesign User Group Chapter Meeting in Munich a success

The first InDesign User Group Chapter Meeting in Munich was a success thanks to the efforts of Wolf Eigner (the Chapter Leader, or Standortleiter, as they say in Germany) and to c/m/t Computer- und Managementtraining who kindly sponsored the event giving access to one of their extremely well equipped training room. It's never easy the first time, but even some unregistered participants showed up.

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February 8, 2008

Guten InDesignerAbend!

On February 14, I will be in Munich to attend the first ever InDesign User Group Chapter Meeting there.
You can find out all the details here. The Munich Chapter has been initiated and is run by Wolf Eigner, an InDesign power user since its version 1.5, now Adobe Certified Instructor for both InDesign and Photoshop.
User Group meetings are a great way to meet new friends with similar interests, learn new things, share ideas, compare workflows, and talk about what the future holds.

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