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Adobe LiveCycle ES 2.5 and the Correspondence Management

Adobe LiveCycle ES 2.5 and the Correspondence Management Solution Accelerator together revolutionize the way we create, author and manage correspondence. It provides a platform that helps enterprises quickly build and deploy applications that enhance customer experiences and overall productivity via compelling interactions. The various UI tools provided enable enterprises to create a custom and enhanced user experience right from correspondence authoring to generation.

The solution accelerator, along with the LiveCycle platform, allows interactive as well as system-driven correspondence generation in the form of a single PDF document (interactive or non-interactive) or a PDF Portfolio (with the ability to arrange documents in a hierarchical folder structure), with custom navigators, cover pages, etc. A comprehensive correspondence authoring is achieved via the use of Data Dictionaries (logical, hierarchical representation of the underlying data schema), Categories/Subcategories, reusable Layouts (XDP templates that can be used to define any number of Letter templates), and complex pre-approved content.

When integrated with LiveCycle Process Management (and possibly other solution accelerators and LiveCycle components such as Managed Review & Approval), one can design and achieve a complete workflow for the enterprise. The solution also provides integration mechanism with external third party systems for correspondence generation.

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