ADEP and the Correspondence Management Solution

With the release of the Adobe Digital Enterprise Platform, you are now presented with the all new Correspondence Management Solution. Powered by the Digital Enterprise Platform, the solution brings in a whole new set of exciting features and enhanced user experience for correspondence authoring and generation. By virtue of the new platform, the solution is now easily extendable and customizable, and is packaged with a set of production-ready building blocks, reusable components and technical guides to help accelerate development and deployment of customer experience applications.

Check out the ADEP Developer Center for trial downloads. Please take time to watch this short solution introduction video.

Here are some useful links related to the solution, that one must refer to:

Installation and Configuration guides:

Overall Solution guides:

Detailed technical guides for the Building Blocks used in the solution:

For those dealing with customizations and solution extensions may find this handy:

You may also check out some more information on @ Customer Communications.