Postprocessing your correspondence

Correspondences created in enterprises would typically have to be integrated to a back-end process for further distribution (via email, fax, print), document processing (apply digital signatures, encryption, etc.) or archival of the correspondence.

The Adobe Correspondence Management solution provides a convenient way to achieve this by leveraging orchestrations/processes on the ADEP Document Services platform for defining the back-end process (that can use one or more Document Services, based on the enterprise requirements), and providing the ability to easily bind them to a given correspondence template.

Read more about creating a postprocess for the CM solution on the Document Server.

Once such processes are created on the Document Server, can then be mapped to a Letter template in the  Postprocess drop down of the Letter Template Editor (as shown below), where the available postprocesses (as defined on the Document Server) are listed:








Tip: If you create a new process, with an existing Manage Assets UI session opened, your process will not be listed in the Postprocesses dropdown until you relaunch or refresh (F5) the Manage Assets browser window (or open the Manage Assets UI in a new browser window).

When the correspondence creation is complete (using the Create Correspondence UI), users can Submit the correspondence (see snapshot below indicating the Submit button), which invokes the associated/mapped postprocess for that Letter template, with the final correspondence PDF and XML data (used to generate the PDF). The postprocess, which would be an orchestration, can then act upon the document (PDF) as necessary.


5 Responses to Postprocessing your correspondence

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  2. Sandro Looser says:

    Hi, I created and deployed a postprocess, connected it with one of my letter templates, and published the template. When I go to the Preview, the Submit button is still grayed out – am I missing something?

    • sakagarw says:


      The Submit button (in Create Correspondence) is enabled only in a NON-Preview mode.

      You will find a parameter cmPreview=1 in the URL (on the address bar), which indicates that you are in Preview mode. You can simply change that to cmPreview=0, and you should see your Submit button enabled.

      Obviously, in actual scenarios this would not be done manually, but a customer portal, from where this interface would be integrated, would prepare the URL appropriately.

  3. Sandro Looser says:

    Found the “problem” (thanks to Girish Bedekar): In the Browser URL there is a parameter “cmPreview”. One needs to change its value to 0 in order to activate the Send button.

  4. Sandro Looser says:

    Right – should have reload the page before answering myself 😉