Retrieving latest ACTIVE asset in the Correspondence Management Solution Accelerator

The Correspondence Management Solution Accelerator involves the concept of activating and versioning assets; if an Active asset is chosen for EDIT, you are prompted to create an Inactive copy of the asset which can then be edited. You can edit that Inactive copy and finally Activate it once completed with the editing. This Inactive copy now becomes the Active version, and the original version will be Archived. This process may continue as the asset is edited (and activated) again and again, thereby creating multiple versions of the asset in the system.

However, at any given time, there will only be a single ACTIVE version of the asset in the system (others being in ARCHIVE state). Hence, often may arise, due to various customization requirement, the need to search for this latest ACTIVE version for a given asset in the system. The Asset Composer Building Block provides APIs to easily achieve this.

Here’s an example to fetch the latest ACTIVE version of a given Letter (identified by its name) in the system:

// Build the Query object
Query qry = new Query();
Statement st1 = new Statement();
Statement st2 = new Statement();

// Set the statement attribute 'name'
// and value to name of the Letter

// Set the statement attribute name value to state
// and value to 'ACTIVE'

// building query

List letterList;

try {
// fetching the Letter with the query constructed above
// must have an instance of the LetterService here (may be via Spring Dependency injection).
letterList = letterService.getAllLetters(qry);

String letterId = letterList.get(0).getId();
// Obtaining Form object, as getAllLetters query does not return
// 'full' form object
Letter letter = letterService.getLetter(letterId);

} catch (Exception e) {
// handle exception

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