Searching for ‘missing’ text in FrameMaker documents

Consider this: You are searching for a term in your FrameMaker document and FM says it can’t find the term! You are sure that the term is there — it is the name of the product that you are documenting. You are worried.

Stop for a moment and think:

  • Is it plain text or a variable? If you inserted the product name as a variable, FrameMaker won’t look for text inside the variables.
  • Is it inside a text inset? To look for text inside a text inset, either flatten the text inset to inline text or create a PDF from the FrameMaker document and search in it.To flatten a text inset, navigate to it from the Insets pod. Now, double click the inset and click Convert to Text.
  • Has the text that you are searching for been applied with a conditional text tag? Set all conditions to show and then search again.
  • Does the text contain any special formatting? For example, you’d put a non-breaking space between two words in the product name to prevent the product name from appearing truncated at line breaks. Turn on the Text Indicators to see if this indeed is the case. The following screenshot demonstrates how a non-breaking space would appear in the text.
  • Untitled-1.jpg

See this article in FrameMaker Help to see how you can input special characters in the Find dialog box.

Even if you search for the text with all the above considerations taken into account, it is a good practice to create a PDF with the required Show/Hide settings, and then search in it for the text that you want to find.

Happy searching! 🙂

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