Fix broken cross-references in PDF files

It can be challenging to fix broken cross-references in long documents — 500 pages, for example. Resolving the cross-reference(s) in the source FrameMaker file and then generating the PDF all over again isn’t the only way out. With Acrobat, you can easily fix broken cross-references in the PDF itself. Here’s how:
  1. In Acrobat 9, click Tools > Advanced Editing > Link Tool.
  2. Double-click a highlighted cross-reference.
  3. On the Action page in the Link Properties dialog, select Go to a page view from the Select Action drop-down menu. Click Add.
  4. gotoapageview.jpg

  5. Scroll to the destination page for the link and click Set Link.
See for the Adobe Help article on creating links in PDF files.

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  • That’s a really useful tip. I will try it out the next time I build PDFs.Is there some way we can fix broken links in PDFs?

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