Top Ten FrameMaker Tips – Part 2

5. Manage Content Changes Across Document Versions

Use the Compare Documents feature in FrameMaker to create a consolidated document in which changes between versions are highlighted with inserted and deleted conditional tags. This feature is especially useful in collaborative environments that make use of a source control system.
  • Open both versions of the document.
  • In the newer version, choose File > Utilities > Compare Documents.

See this article in FrameMaker online Help for more information.

6. List And Manage Conditional Text

Use the Conditional Text pod and panels to easily manage complex usage of
conditional text:
  • In the Conditional Text pod, double-click the condition tag.
  • In the Conditional Text panel, sort, edit, or delete text, tables, and graphics tagged with the condition you selected.

For more information, see this Help article.

7. Launch PDF Reviews From Within FrameMaker

Launch a shared review with just a click.

  • Select File > Save As PDF (Send for Review).

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