Contribute to Adobe Community Help

In case you didn’t already know, you can contribute to the documentation for many Adobe products under the Adobe Community Help model. See this page for FAQ on Adobe Community Help. In short:

Adobe Community Help is a set of web services that provides instruction,
inspiration, and support. Community Help combines content from Adobe
Help, Support, Design Center, Developer Connection, and Forums – along
with great online community content – so that users can easily find the
best and most up-to-date resources. Community Help enables users to
contribute content and add comments to all learning content on

Your contributions can be in the form of tips, tricks, sample code, examples, comments, content-improvement suggestions, and more. A free account is all that you need to contribute. What’s more, if the moderators find your contribution helpful, they will reward you with Adobe Community Help points. Isn’t that cool?

Here are some other helpful links that will get you started:

Adobe Community Help Client (CHC)

Adobe has also created the Community Help Client (CHC), a next-generation AIR-based Help system that lets you make the most of Community Help content. See this page for information about downloading and installing CHC.

Mallika Yelandur, my colleague, has done a series of useful blog posts introducing the CHC and its features. Hop over to her blog!

Adobe Community Publishing System

Mallika Yelandur, my colleague from the Adobe Learning Resources team, has an interesting post about the Adobe Community Publishing System on her blog.

An excerpt:
“Adobe Community Publishing System (CPS) is an AIR application that lets anyone with an Adobe ID publish content to
While the Help pages support only plain-text commenting, CPS lets community members contribute tips, movies, code snippets, and more with easy-to-use templates. Contributions are moderated by community experts. Plus, everyone in the community can rate and comment on contributions.
Tips to help you get started with the Community Publishing System are here.