Captivate Getting Started: Create awesome demo videos in a Flash!

If you haven’t already caught the wind, Adobe Captivate Getting Started is a multimedia series of articles, tutorials, and instructional videos that put you on the path to accelerated Cp learning. The series includes:

  • 100 short articles/tutorials that would help you get started with Adobe Captivate features
  • 30+ videos and demonstration that explain the procedures to perform the tasks

Yup, we didn’t mistype those numbers — 100 and 30!

The Getting Started series is workflow-based. You, the user, are guided step-by-step to create and publish projects using Cp. The workflows are categorized as Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced, keeping in mind users at different skill levels.

For example, a Basic user is presented with a simple workflow with four quick steps to create a sample demo. An Advanced user begins a notch higher — learning how to design and set-up a video-publication process, and then creating final, professional-quality video output.

Wondering where to begin? Use the table below to determine your existing expertise level and jump right in.

Task Basic Intermediate Advanced

Create storyboards and standardize the look and feel for your projects using templates. Create standard styles for objects that you use in your projects.

Set up

Set up the content development environment by customizing the workspace. Specify the preferences for your projects, such as the publishing location, reporting options for quiz results, and default recording settings.

Create Learn how to record your actions in an application or a screen area.

Learn how to create different types of projects.

Create projects by leveraging the existing content, such as MS PPTs or images, or by creating new content and recording your demonstrations.

Edit and Enhance Learn how to add text captions and adjust the timing of these text captions. 

Learn how to choose the preferences for your projects. Also, how to add more slides and objects, and edit them in your project.

Engage your users with interactive objects and widgets, videos, and narration.

Enrich Learn how to make the objects and slides interesting by adding effects and transitions to them.  Make your projects interesting and engaging by adding effects to objects and slides. 
Aggregate Integrate multiple courses into a single course using Aggregator. 
Preview Learn how to preview your project before publishing it.  Learn how to preview a project or only the required slides during content development.  Know how your project looks when it is played to your users. Preview specific slides to refine and tweak interactivity and branching of slides. 
Share Colloborate with your co-workers and reviewers by sharing your projects.  Share your projects with other co-workers and reviewers. 
Publish Learn how to publish your project as a SWF file.  Learn how to publish your projects in different formats such as SWF, EXE, APP, and F4V. Also, learn how to host your projects on Adobe Connect Pro or an FTP server.  Publish your projects in different formats, such as SWF, EXE, APP, and F4V. Learn how to host your projects on an LMS, Adobe Connect Pro, or FTP servers. 

So, get started right away!

If you know other resources that will help, add the links as comments below.