RoboHelp: Printed documentation error

The Word VBA macro version registered is incorrect. Please reinstall printed documentation.

If you encounter the above error message while trying to generate printed documentation from a RoboHTML project, change the macro security settings in Microsoft Word.

Follow these steps to change the macro security settings in Word 2007:
  1. Click the Office button > Word options > Trust Center > Trust Center Settings.
  2. Change Macro Settings to Enable all macros and then click OK.
  3. Generate printed documentation output from RoboHTML.
Peter Grainge has a useful page on his website summarizing RoboHelp print issues. Do take a look!

PDF watermarks: Settings that work for me

When you add watermarks to a PDF document, you want them to be visible unobtrusively. The following settings for the Watermark tool in Acrobat (Document > Watermark > Add) work best for me:

Font: Arial
Size: Varies. For shorter watermarks like the word Draft, 72 pt works well.
Color: Pure red (R: 255, G: 0, B:0)
Rotation: 45°
Opacity: One notch above zero on the slider (12%)
Location: Appear on top of page


If required, you can specify different watermarks for different sets of pages. Click Page range options in the Add Watermark dialog box to do this.

To understand how you can work with watermarks in Acrobat 9, see this Help article.

Enable PDF text edits for text embedded in a screenshot

Acrobat icon.jpgConsider you have to complete a UI content review for the product you work on. Wouldn’t things be easier if you could use Acrobat text-edit-markup features to highlight the relevant content embedded in images? Of course, you can always add a sticky note in an approximate location, but that isn’t quite as effective!

So how do you enable PDF text edits for embedded text? Here’s how:
  1. Paste the screenshot in your favorite word-processing or layout tool. For example, FrameMaker.
  2. Generate a PDF of the page containing the screenshot.
  3. Open the PDF in Acrobat and select Document > OCR Text Recognition > Recognize Text Using OCR.
  4. Once the text recognition process is over, you’ll be able to select the embedded text and use the Acrobat text edit tools on it.
Screenshot for blog post.jpg
This Help article discusses Acrobat text edit features in greater detail. For more information about the OCR features in Acrobat 9, refer to this Help article.

Linking to a page within a PDF (and more!)

Acrobat icon.jpgIf you have a PDF document live on the Web, can you link to a specific page within it instead of the PDF opening at the title page? Absolutely! The page=<pagenum> parameter let’s you do just that.

For example, try When you click this link, the destination PDF opens directly at page 8.
There are several other parameters that you can specify when you open or link to a PDF document. The following parameters I think are especially useful:
For more information, see Parameters for Opening PDF Files (PDF) in the Acrobat SDK documentation set.

Download the free PDF production handbook

Creating a final, print-quality PDF from FrameMaker documents can be an involved, multi-step process. We thought it would be useful to capture all relevant considerations and steps in a single handbook that could be immediately put to use in real-world situations.

The following sections are included in this handbook:
  • Relevant scenario
  • Prerequisites
  • Important considerations
  • Equip yourself with relevant details
  • Stage 0: Prepare the content
  • Stage 1: Clean up the source
  • Stage 2: Prepare the book and create PDF
  • Stage 3: Test the PDF
  • Stage 4: Prepare the PDF for publication
  • Stage 5: Optimize the PDF in Acrobat
  • Appendix: Best practices for using conditional text
  • Appendix: Keeping track of content changes across versions in a collaborative environment
Click this link to download the handbook: pdf_handbook.pdf.

And yes, feel free to share it with your colleagues and friends!

Top Ten FrameMaker Tips – Part 3

1. Track changes as you go

Track the changes in text as you edit your FrameMaker documents.

In FrameMaker, select Special > Track Text Edits and use the options under this menu to quickly enable, preview, accept, or reject changes. See this feature in action here.

2. Optimize The Settings For Generating PDF Files

Use the PDF Setup dialog box to optimize the size of the generated PDFs, control SWF file and 3D object embedding, and create tagged PDFs to enable importing PDF comments. See this link for more information.

3. Make Change Bars Invisible In Interim PDFs

If you want to preserve change bars in the source but hide them in an interim PDF, set their color to white in the Change Bar Properties dialog box. Turn them back to black when you edit the source.

In FrameMaker, select Format > Document > Change Bars. See this earlier blog post for more information.

4. Import PDF Comments

Directly import comments from the PDF document that you set up for shared review. The FrameMaker content gets updated with the edits and comments. Choose the comments that you want to incorporate and discard the rest!

In FrameMaker, select File > Import > PDF Comments.

See this feature in action here. For the earlier blog post about this feature, see this page.

Top Ten FrameMaker Tips – Part 2

5. Manage Content Changes Across Document Versions

Use the Compare Documents feature in FrameMaker to create a consolidated document in which changes between versions are highlighted with inserted and deleted conditional tags. This feature is especially useful in collaborative environments that make use of a source control system.
  • Open both versions of the document.
  • In the newer version, choose File > Utilities > Compare Documents.

See this article in FrameMaker online Help for more information.

6. List And Manage Conditional Text

Use the Conditional Text pod and panels to easily manage complex usage of
conditional text:
  • In the Conditional Text pod, double-click the condition tag.
  • In the Conditional Text panel, sort, edit, or delete text, tables, and graphics tagged with the condition you selected.

For more information, see this Help article.

7. Launch PDF Reviews From Within FrameMaker

Launch a shared review with just a click.

  • Select File > Save As PDF (Send for Review).

Don’t forget to clear those change bars!

You must remove the change bars in a book before generating the final PDF for publication. Note that change bars appear again if you flatten the text insets in the book after clearing all change bars. For more information about using change bars in FrameMaker efficiently, see

To clear the change bars in a book, follow these steps:

  • Select Format > Document > Change Bars.
  • Select Clear All Change Bars | (No Undo) and then click Set.

change bars.jpgTo flatten the text insets in the book before setting out to clear change bars, follow these steps:

  1. Open the book file and open all files in it.
  2. Select all files in the book. Now, in the book view, click Edit > Find | Any Text Inset.
  3. Double-click the first text inset that you find and click Convert to Text.
  4. Repeat step 3 for all text insets in the book.

text inset search.jpgFor information about searching text insets and other items in FrameMaker 9, see For information on how to manage your text insets best with FrameMaker 9, see

Flattening text insets involves book-level changes that are difficult to reverse. It is recommended that you flatten text insets only in a local copy of your content and not in the central copy administered through a version-control system.

Read the rest of this entry »

Crucial considerations for generating PDF files

When you generate PDF files from FrameMaker documents, you are required to set a number of options in the PDF Setup dialog box. For example, your organization may have customized PDF job options that you need to specify.

PDF-options.jpgFrameMaker 9 documentation has a detailed article on the considerations for generating PDF files. The article also explains how you can optimize the size of the generated PDFs, control SWF file and 3D object embedding, and make your PDF files more accessible for the differently-abled.

Read the FrameMaker Help article here!