Installing ColdFusion9, WAMP, Win7x64

Things to keep in mind.

WAMP is 32BIT, so you must install ColdFusion 9 32bit

Install WAMP – default c:/wamp
Install CF9 – default c:/coldfusion9

Configuration Directory

Directory of Server Binary
C:\wamp\bin\apache\Apache2.2.11\bin\httpd.exe (this worked for me for some reason)

Install to
This way you can go directly to localhost\CFIDE\administrator\index.cfm

That’s it, much easiler than SL & MAC.

AIR 2 Wishlist

I spent a good amount of time today trying to organize and create an AIR application that would:

1) Read the number of CORES in an operating system
2) Fetch me the usages of each of those Core’s activities.

Try google searching “AS3 library to get CPU OS Core Count and activity” or any lines upon there, you won’t get much. A lot is about the new Flex 4 profiler panel instead.

No such API exists in AS3 =(

Wish list for AIR2
1) flash.system.System.getNumberOfCores();
2) flash.system.System.getCoreActivity( coreNumber:int );

Testing with AIR 2, there will be a work around with the NativeProcess API

Updating BlackBerry OS – v4.6.0.29

For those that are updating their BlackBerry to the new OS, please be very patient with it.

Whether it is version v4.6.0.29 or v4.5.0.81

The process takes FOREVER to finish. Expect about an hour.

If you get the screen – “Waiting for device to restart” do not touch it, – this process takes about 30 mins. MINIMUM.

Rather, go have a coffee, then dinner, then ice cream – and it’ll be all ready to go afterwards.


Happy updating

Installing ColdFusion9, MAMP, Snow Leopard [UPDATED – 10/29/2009]

There’s 2 types of Installs. The first one will go with “Single Install”

For this install, I tried it with MAMP 1.8.2

1) Go to System Preferences/Sharing. Uncheck Web Sharing – This ensures that you’re not using Snow Leopards’s Apache 2 server

2) Download & Install MAMP 1.8.2

3) Click on the Properties of MAMP, & remove the “/MAMP/” from the settings. Also, use default ports, 80 & 3306.

4) On the last tap, type the place where you’re going to isntall ColdFusion. ie. I used /usr/username/sites

5) Install ColdFusion 9. When the time comes to install the webserver, have the following parameters inputted

Configuration Directory:

Directory & Filter name of Server binary:

Directory & File Name of server script:

Make sure that you’ve put the Administrator to where you set yoru webroot pointed from MAMP

6) Open a Terminal Window.

cd /Applications/ColdFusion9/runtime/lib

unzip – d src wsconfig.jar

Restart your computer

go to localhost/cfide/administrator – should commence the ColdFusion 9 configuration it self.

THIS DOESN’T WORK, and the main problem lies in the conf/httpd.conf

This line doesn’t execute with MAMP

LoadModule jrun_module /Applications/JRun4/lib/wsconfig/1/ within Snow Leopard.


More Reasons

MAMP is a 32 BIT program, and when CF9 was installed, it installed the 64 BIT connectors.


Have a look at this awesome video –

There’s option in the Web Server Configuration dialog for configuring 32 BIT version of connect on 64 BIT OS – running 32bit web server. From command line, provide ‘ws32=true’ to configure 32 bit connector


Multi-Server Install. I didn’t use MAMP’s apache with this install.

1) Make sure Web Sharing is ON – in the System Preferences

2) Install ColdFusion 9

Configuration Directory:

Directory & Filter name of Server binary:

Directory & File Name of server script:

3) Open a Terminal Window

cd /Applications/JRun4/Lib

unzip -d src wsconfigjar

4) Restart your Computer

5) go to Localhost/cfide/administrator – should commence the ColdFusion 9 configuration itself.


Real Dynamic Text with Flash CS3

Dynamic text feature in flash cs3 is misleading. Now for those who do not understand what dynamic text is, here’s a little background

Static Text – This is basically any text you drag & drop, put into components on the stage.

Dynamic Text – This is the process by which you create an instance of a text-type component, give it an instance name, then reference text through ActionScript – through the .text or .htmlText properties

But there’s is a problem with this solution, you have to recompile flash!

Real Dynamic Text – This is the process where your instances of text are referenced by a data source – such as XML. Why is this good? Because to change content in your flash, you no longer have to recompile flash. You simply have to change the data in the XML

Here’s some code by which you can reference: – XML ~ E4XSyntax


private var xmlFile:XML;
private var xmlRequest:URLRequest;
private var xmlLoader:URLLoader;

public function someConstructor() {

xmlRequest = new URLRequest(“xmlFileNameInSameDirectory.xml”);
xmlLoader = new URLLoader();
xmlLoader.addEventListener(Event.COMPLETE, xmlLoadingComplete);
private function xmlLoadingComplete(event: Event):void {

xmlFile = new XML(;

//Component instance name from Stage
//Here just set any text you wish to be “real dynamic” – in the place of your XML file.
text_mc.text = xml.*[0];