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Installing ColdFusion9, WAMP, Win7x64

Things to keep in mind.

WAMP is 32BIT, so you must install ColdFusion 9 32bit

Install WAMP – default c:/wamp
Install CF9 – default c:/coldfusion9

Configuration Directory

Directory of Server Binary
C:\wamp\bin\apache\Apache2.2.11\bin\httpd.exe (this worked for me for some reason)

Install to
This way you can go directly to localhost\CFIDE\administrator\index.cfm

That’s it, much easiler than SL & MAC.

Updating BlackBerry OS – v4.6.0.29

For those that are updating their BlackBerry to the new OS, please be very patient with it.

Whether it is version v4.6.0.29 or v4.5.0.81

The process takes FOREVER to finish. Expect about an hour.

If you get the screen – “Waiting for device to restart” do not touch it, – this process takes about 30 mins. MINIMUM.

Rather, go have a coffee, then dinner, then ice cream – and it’ll be all ready to go afterwards.


Happy updating